Living out our faith on the daily with our kids is so important.

We try to make Feast days really fun with friends, food, prayer and community. This year, leading up to Easter, some of the families in our community got together to create Resurrection Gardens.

Per child or family we used:

🪹 1 Terracotta dish and 1 small pot

🪴 Potting mix

🌱 Grass seed

💦 Small stones or pebbles

🪨 1 large river stone for tomb entrance

🪵 Twigs or flax for crosses

🌻 Optional extras would be adding small flowering plants, moss or figurines.


1. Mound the soil on the plate and place the tomb pot on, then add more soil to create a hill.

2. Sprinkle grass seed on.

3. Make a pathway with small pebbles.

4. Place tombstone beside or in front of tomb.

5. Make crosses from twigs or flax and put them on top of the hill.

6. At home: water soil. Don’t let your kitten dig it up!

Making this during Lent means the grass is growing by Easter which is exciting for the kids as they wait for 40 days to celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

He is risen indeed!

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