Who we are

Health Identity programme for 12 – 13 year olds

Who we Are

Who We Are grounds our identity in being made in God’s image and likeness.

Age Range: Yr 8 (12 – 13 years old)
Programme Length: Full Day (5 hours)

Programme Delivery

Our facilitators guide students through activities in small groups. Through the day they can more fully discover their identity and set a solid foundation for future choices.

Kuapapa / Topics covered include:

Love as a Target: Our experience of love and our aim to become healthy, happy, reach our potential and be in a relationship with God
Our Amazing Design: We are a unique creation, made complementary as men and women
Made Male & Female: We are different, equal and complementary in all areas of our being
Our Sexuality: Our sexuality is part of our physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual health
Our Choices: Understanding that our choicese affect our relationship with God, ourselves, with others and creation. This affects our whole Hauora
Challenges: Understanding how the health of our sexuality can be affected
Truth, Love & Hope: How we can show real love and compassion towards those who struggle with sexuality
Loving Who we Are: Appreciating how we are created and how we can love each other the way God loves us