About Loving For Life New Zealand

β€œFor sexuality is an enrichment of the whole person – body, emotions and soul – and it manifests its inmost meaning in leading the person to the gift of self in love.”
(Familiaris consortio 37)

Loving for Life NZ works in partnership with Loving For Life Western Australia. LFL as an organisation has been established for almost 30 years and is supported widely by the community, educational and ethical research based organisations. The objective of Loving for Life is to promote and develop, through educational programmes, an awareness of Christian sexuality and relationships.

As an organisation we provide facilitated programmes, ECourses, Professional Development, NCEA Assessments and other resources to support parents, educators and schools.

LFL programmes were developed by Christian parents with a medical background. All material is designed to meet students appropriately at their different age levels. Material of a scientific or medical nature is reviewed by the LFL Medical Advisory Board, and all programmes are bicultural and meet NZ curriculum standards.

LFL resources provide current, researched, accurate, relevant material and information, which are delivered by facilitators who must fulfill LFL accreditation requirements and ongoing professional development.

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