Relationship & Sexuality Programme for 14 – 16 year olds.

Healthy Loving

Healthy Loving equips rangatahi with the tools and information they need to make healthy choices in their sexuality and relationships

Age Range: Yrs 10 – 11 (14 – 16 years old)

Programme Delivery

Option A: In Class
Facilitators guide rangatahi through the kaupapa/topics within their regular classes. This is completed over 2-7 sessions

Option B: Retreat Style
Facilitators guide rangatahi through the kaupapa/topics and activities in small groups. The programme is completed over a full school day – 5 hours

Kuapapa / Topics covered include:

Identifying your Target: Developing life goals
Media: Strategies for Media use
Unplanned Pregnancy*: Challenges and outcomes of an unplanned pregnancy
Pornography*: Effects of pornography on behaviour and relationships
Choices: Fertility Management
Growing Healthy Relationships: Relationships that teach us to love
A Journey of Love: Healthy dating
Intercourse: Understanding the language of love
Loving Today: Qualities and values required for our future

**these topics rotate for boys and girls in the Choosing to Love/Health Loving ‘Option B’ full day programmes