Loving Today

"Ki te kahore he whakakitenga ka ngaro te iwi"

The Loving Today workshops provide information and values-based education on human sexuality appropriate for the age group of years 11 to 13


  • To encourage the choice of a lifestyle that integrates all aspects of Hauora (emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical)
  • To communicate the Christian understanding of human sexuality and relationships
  • To encourage behaviour that is respectful of self and others
  • To challenges rangatahi to make choices that will enhance their happiness, health and wellbeing


The ‘Loving Today’ workshops build on the ‘Choosing to Love’ modules and aim to expand students’ knowledge and understanding of human sexuality as appropriate for senior school-aged rangatahi

These workshops can be run together as a day programme, or separately, as single workshops. Rangatahi engage with the subject matter in groups, guided by a trained facilitator

Developing a Strong Hauora – 2 class periods

Developing a healthy femininity or masculinity in all aspects of our Hauora

Building Strong Relationships – 3 class periods

Healthy physical and emotional dating behaviours, stages of a relationship, the risks of living together, the meaning of marriage, sexual intercourse, and chastity

Respect and Consent – 3 class periods

Love and freedom and the responsibility they call us to

Fertility Awareness Methods – 3 class periods

Understanding and managing reproductive health, naturally

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